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Messaggio Da NiMo il Sab Dic 20, 2008 8:38 am

KATA Backpack
for protecting photography kit
Designer: Kata Bags
Photographers nowadays are ready to take on various challenges to capture the best shot for their viewers. Apart from an artistic knack, good photography requires some of the most sophisticated cameras and equipments that needs to be handled with special care. Since, professional photographers have to travel to far off places, they need a good pack to wrap and move their expensive equipments. The KT D-3N1-20 Backpack by Kata is a resilient bag for adventurous photographers that not just ensures the safety, using ‘Thermal Shield Technology’ of the equipments but also unfolds without taking too much time.
Design Status:
The 3N1-20 Sling Bag is a ready product that is available at Amazon for $100.
The Kata, producers of military bags for the Israeli defense services, has manufactured the KT D-3N1-20 Backpack, so photographers can rely on the bag to keep their equipments safe, even in the most extreme of conditions. The bag also includes a rain cover to protect the equipments from moisture, while Quick Release Buckle gives single-handed access to the camera.
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