Store Blu-rays on my NAS for sharing on PS3

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Store Blu-rays on my NAS for sharing on PS3 Empty Store Blu-rays on my NAS for sharing on PS3

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Store Blu-rays on my NAS for sharing on PS3

This guide will leads you to easily backup your Blu-ray contents to MKV format in multi-track for storage on NAS and streaming to PS3 for playback on Mac.

NAS (Network-attached Storage) becomes more and more popular among people for data storage. Those files that can be stored on a NAS drive are unlimited as long as they are of any existing file forms like email boxes, Web content, movie, music, pictures remote system backups, and so on.

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Then if you are a Blu-ray fan and have loads of Blu-ray collections, why not save those Blu-rays onto NAS drive for backup or watching them on your PS3? But one problem is how to copy Blu-rays to NAS in lossless mkv format?

Someone prefer to rip Blu-ray for putting on NAS drive which can reserve chapter markers, multiple subtitles, audiotracks, of course, MakeMKV may be one of you choices, however if you want to output more format like mp4, you will need an alternative to MakeMKV.

So my suggestion is saving Blu-ray to NAS with Pavtube ByteCopy for Mac using the MKV multi-channel lossless setting, then use Handbrake to make an MP4 with very high quality settings or directly rip to MP4 with ByteCopy for Mac. (Read Mac Blu-Ray Copy Software Review)

Overall, ByteCopy for Mac is a decent tool which can easily unlock any protection on a Blu-ray/DVD and convert them to lossless mkv for backup with multiple audio tracks and chapter markers keeping. Besides, it keeps the original quality maximally. The conversion speed is also very fast.

To see how it works, please refer to below guide to lossless backup Blu-ray on NAS server for streaming to PS3. The Windows version is Pavtube ByteCopy.

Step 1: Load Blu-ray movies.

Launch the best Blu-ray to Multi-track MKV converter; import Blu-ray movies into the program. Loaded Blu-rays can be previewed in the right preview window.

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Step 2: Choose output format

To rip Blu-ray with multiple tracks, click the drop down box of "Format", and choose the "Multi-track MKV (*.MKV)" profile under "Multi-track Video". This profile is designed to output videos with multiple audio tracks.

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You can check the audios you want to keep and uncheck the audios you don't need. It all depends on your own choices.

Step 3: Start backup

The last step you need to do is hit the "Convert" button to start the conversion of Blu-ray content to Multi-track MKV.

When the conversion is over, just find the folder of your output videos.

Use Handbrake to convert your output video to MP4

Step 1: Download and Install Handbrake

Step 2: Change the Source Settings

Click Source dropdown button, then click Open File to locate your target video clip.

Step 3: Change the Destination Settings

Once you've chosen the source, the software will automatically ask you to select the destination. The way your picture and sound quality will turn out in the resulting file depends on the settings you choose in this step.

Step 4: Change the Other Handbrake Settings to get a high-quality mp4 file

With this setting, Handbrake will go over your video twice. This does mean that it'll take twice as long, but it'll look and sound better even with a smaller file size.

Step 5: Start conversion

After conversion, you just need to copy the converted mp4 files to NAS drive. Then you can stream the Blu-ray on NAS to your PS3 via network sharing for watching. Very easy!

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