Best Format Settings for Ripping DVD to Plex Media Sever

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Best Format Settings for Ripping DVD to Plex Media Sever Empty Best Format Settings for Ripping DVD to Plex Media Sever

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Best Format Settings for Ripping DVD to Plex Media Sever

This guide explains how you can convert DVD movies from your existing collection, so that you can watch them smoothly through Plex Media Server.

Plex bridges the gap between your Mac and your home theater, doing so with a visually appealing user interface that provides instant access to your media. Plex can play a wide range of video, audio and photo formats as well as online streaming audio and video. The real power of Plex is found in its library features: Organize your media into versatile libraries, automatically retrieve metadata from the Internet, and display your libraries using one of the visually stunning skins.

Plex is without a doubt one of our favorite Mac media center apps. I like it very much and ofter using it for streaming movie to my Apple TV. But now I have a question, I'm just wondering what the easiest, quickest way would be to get a DVD ripped and put into my plex for sharing? I am running a MAC and PC, Which file extension am I aiming for?

While looking for a easy-operated software to help me finish the conversion and finnaly get my answer. Working as a Swiss army knife in DVD ripping field, Pavtube DVDAid (Read review) can perfectly remove the copy protection from your DVD and convert to just about any video format.

It offers a wealth of tweaking options to get the best possible file as a result, and even has pre-configured profiles built in that make things easier for you to rip DVDs in the right format for Plex and stream to various of portable media devices like Apple TV, iPad, Samsung, etc. If you're on a Mac, please refer to DVDAid for Mac to handle the task.

Now, I will show you how to get DVD into MKV/MP4 format for streaming via Plex Media Server. It is the fast and easy way even for a first time DVD ripping with basic knowledge of computer.

Step 1: Load DVD movies.

Insert your DVD; launch this DVD to Plex converter. Then head to "Load File" icon to import the DVD file. This program will start scanning titles in DVD.

After the files imported, you'll see the interface looks something like screenshot below. All of the major functions are shown in front of you, including the options to check DVD property, choose output format, edit the files, and preview the movie and several other options.

Best Format Settings for Ripping DVD to Plex Media Sever Dvd-to-mkv-hd

Step 2: Choose Plex Media Server supported format.

Click the "Format" bar and Choose "MKV HD Video (*.mkv)" or "H.264 HD Video(*.mp4)" under "HD Video" profile.

Best Format Settings for Ripping DVD to Plex Media Sever Mkv-hd-format

Then, you might tweak the output parameter settings to get better video/audio quality before the DVD to Plex process. For the most part you can leave this alone; the default optimized settings should be fine as is.

Best Format Settings for Ripping DVD to Plex Media Sever Mkv-hd-settings

Step 3: Start DVD to MKV/MP4 HD conversion.

Now you can go ahead and rip that DVD for putting on Plex. Simply hit the "Convert" button at the lower right corner of the window to begin ripping DVD movie for getting onto Plex. This will take a while, depends on the encoding settings, hardware of your PC/Mac computer and the length of the DVD file.

After the conversion completed successfully, drop the file into Plex, then sync your Apple TV, iPad, Samsung, etc for watching and sharing.

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