Fixed: No Audio from AVCHD .MTS files in Premiere Pro

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Fixed: No Audio from AVCHD .MTS files in Premiere Pro Empty Fixed: No Audio from AVCHD .MTS files in Premiere Pro

Messaggio Da FannieJane il Mar Giu 30, 2015 9:59 am

Fixed: No Audio from AVCHD .MTS files in Premiere Pro Premiere

Fixed: No Audio from AVCHD .MTS files in Premiere Pro

Summary: "Missing audio tracks when loading AVCHD .MTS files to Premiere Pro CC?" It's a problem with Adobe that haven't been updated or fixed as yet. To help users out of the trouble, this article will give you 3 ways that might help you resolve your work - Premiere Pro, AVCHD .MTS files, metadata and no audio.


Question: No audio tracks with AVCHD with Premiere Pro CC
"I've read quite a few treads and cannot figure this out. I have a standalone version of Premiere CC 7.0.0 (342) installed in my computer lab at school. I tested the software with a creative cloud trial and AVCHD files worked fine. This version does not show audio tracks in files dragged from Media Browser. Is there a solution for Premiere Encoder?"

AVCHD MTS footage has indeed brought us the best enjoyment. While for Premiere Pro CC, AVCHD files are not so friendly with the popular editing tool Premiere Pro CC. Some errors may appeared when you transfer original files into Premiere Pro CC, such as with the audio missed.

Attention: Is it true that Media Browser can deal with this trouble well?
If you have installed the free tool Media Browser on your computer, why not open it to have a try? With the latest version upgraded, some bugs has existed during the process. Such as 'red screen' may cause the operation errors. So is there any other better solutions?


There are 3 ways that might help you resolve your work- Premiere Pro, MTS files, metadata and no audio:

Method 1. Install an earlier version of premiere pro like 4 – 5 depending what version fits what you do……(DO NOT UPDATE!!!)

Method 2. Import the ENTIRE CARD, very important, all the files from your card to your PC/Mac, the metadata should be located somewhere in a folder within the card, it's not on the .mts file.

Method 3. Convert AVCHD MTS files into another format for Adobe Premiere Pro and relink against the transcoded version. It will get the audio back into Premiere Pro CC. Might be a bit time consuming but it works. And Pavtube MTS/M2TS Converter for Mac is what we recommend as the best MTS to Premiere Pro CC Converter.

Now, download, install and run the best AVCHD to Premiere Pro CC Converter on your Mac, including the latest Yosemite 10.10 and 10.9 Mavericks, etc.


Load your AVCHD .mts files with "Add Video" or "Add from folder". Instead, directly drag your files from computer to this program is also a nice idea. Then, click the "Format" list for "Adobe Premiere Pro/Sony Vegas" -> "MPEG-2 (*.mpg)". Also, you can tap the "premiere pro" into the search box to find it out. As the picture showed here.

Additionally, for more adjustments, 'Editor' item on the main interface may do you a big favor. Such as 'Trim' and 'Crop' to decide your video length and cut off some extra edges. 'effects' is designed to make your personal adjustments, etc. just come here to find more surprises.

After reading the paper above, if you got some other opinions or methods, you show them below. So appreciate to receive your comments.


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Source: No Audio Track with AVCHD files to Premiere Pro CC


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