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Mercedes-Benz Folding Bike 1 Empty Mercedes-Benz Folding Bike 1

Messaggio Da NiMo il Mar Giu 23, 2009 9:15 am

"Mercedes-Benz High Quality Folding Bike
with Shimano 8-Speed Gear and Disk Brakes"

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Mercedes-Benz has recently launched a very smartly designed folding bike that can be folded in two different shapes. When fully folded, it becomes a very small package ideal for carrying easily using public transport and when it’s in the ‘shuttle’ position, users can push and steer it with great convenience. Completely folded Mercedes-Benz Foldingbike needs a very small space, only 80×80x30 cm, which allows the user to pack it up in the high-quality carrying bag supplied with the bike. As a result, you can easily store it in a camper van, car trunk, office or yacht. In fact you will find it as a good buddy who can go with you wherever you go.
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The patented folding system is really easy to operate which requires no additional tools and takes only few seconds to folding and unfolding the bike. The aluminum frame includes 40 mm suspension travel at both front and rear wheel and this can be adjusted for individual riding soothe. This Foldingbike offers relaxed cycling with the Shimano 8-speed gear and disk brakes ensure supreme level of safety. This extraordinary bike includes a side stand, a variable luggage rack and protective metal cover, and is available in two different colors, silver and white.
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