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Messaggio Da NiMo il Sab Set 12, 2009 1:49 pm

"Eco // 07 Bicycle, revitalizing sustainable urban commutation"

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Biking with its all important eco factor has always been an essential part of short distance traveling, but by adding the portability to the contemporary bicycle designs, designers have given a whole new dimension to the sustainable urban commutation.
Mexican designer Victor M. Aleman has come up with a portable bicycle dubbed “Eco // 07” that features a double triangle structure, composed of expandable modules, each of which collapses into a smaller dimension, when not in use. While a special part in the form of X keeps all the parts intact in an organized manner.
The bicycle also integrates a highly flexible wheel system that is composed of six modules, each comprising a double pivot in the joints, which allows the user to fold each wheel into six different parts for easy storage as well as transportation.
The bicycle is not just easy to collapse, but you may reassemble it comfortably, without wasting any time.
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