Segway-based ‘2028 One’

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Segway-based ‘2028 One’ Empty Segway-based ‘2028 One’

Messaggio Da NiMo il Sab Gen 23, 2010 10:49 pm

"Segway-based ‘2028 One’ car offers alternative for transportation"
An entry at the Michelin Challenge Design 2010, the “2028 One” by Mexican designer Sergio Luna is a personal vehicle for inter-city commutation. Designed for the year 2028, evident by its name, the single-seater is just ideal to move commuters briskly to their workplace or school and back through maddening city traffic. Based on the Segway mechanism, the One is compact and light enough to balance or move on two wheels. Controlled by a joystick, the portable car can entirely be driven by a computer. The windshield slides upwards, pushing the center pad containing the airbags into the bottom, to give access to the rider.
The Michelin Concept runs on the wheels made by cylinders of recycled tire compressed and arranged into a body, which further jostles the cylinder down with the help of compressed for suspension effect, allowing better contact of the tires with the floor. Moreover, the windshield of the car alters, from crystal to matte, to provide better vision during rain, fog or night drives. The 2028 One provides a smart transportation to overcome the energy, parking, pollution and traffic problems of the future metropolis.
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