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Messaggio Da NiMo il Mar Set 01, 2009 3:11 pm

"Orbis: Portable Segway offers a clean and brisk ride on city roads"
With car-based culture at its boom, city roads have been cramped for space, causing massive traffic jams and halting the pace of life in urban environments.
Offering an alternative to driving a car in the cities, the “Orbis” is a compact electric vehicle that reduces congestion, pollution and parking requirements and makes metropolitan cities a better place to live.
Looking more like a Segway, the Orbis is a one-wheeled, self-balancing vehicle, thanks to the technology guided by gyroscopes, which generates power from an internal hub motor and lithium ion battery and helps in improving the surroundings.
The urban mobility vehicle being compact moves with little effort on part of the commuter and parks itself straight into your home or office. Featuring an aluminum body, the Orbis is capable of reaching a top speed of 22km/h and weighs about 25lbs.
The wheel cannot be compromised in any way, therefore other components of the vehicle take a form that confirms to the wheel’s shape. When not in use, the Orbis folds in a compact size so you may carry it effortlessly inside your place.
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