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E-Bike from Audi

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E-Bike from Audi Empty E-Bike from Audi

Messaggio Da NiMo Mar Mag 15, 2012 1:14 pm

"Wörthersee e-bike from Audi"

E-Bike from Audi 114
German automaker Audi has come out with a brilliant ebike Wörthersee that will soon be unveiled in Carinthia, Austria. The trendy and svelte piece has hi-tech fittings so that you can spin out a number of tricks and stunts with it. Sporty lads and professional cyclists will totally dig for it. Here are some features of this stupendous ebike.

The skeleton made from carbon fiber reinforced polymer is compact and sleek. The wheels, also made from carbon fiber, have been constructed carefully for effortless maneuvering. They sport the Audi ultra blade design with broad flat spokes. The lithium ion battery charges to the brim in just 2.5 hours and the 2.3 kW electric motor is capable of wielding about 184 lb-ft of torque to its rear wheel.

The frame of this 24 pound bike has a low center of gravity, so controlling it will be a cinch. Also, there are five cycling modes that you can activate via the touchscreen. Use the "Pure" mode when you wanna workout your legs while the "Pedelec" option gives you an additional thrust, from the electric motor, to reach the speed of 50 mph.

Vroom around at 31 mph with "eGrip" that runs only on the electric motor. If you’re going to roll out a challenging stunt, then you should go for the "Balanced Wheelie" mode. Fine tune the angle of your wheels if you’re a learner with the "Power Wheelie" mode. While the "Training" mode ensures that your act on the ebike remains steady. You can also adjust the setting of this ebike through your smartphone.
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[Fonte: www.designbuzz.com]

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